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Diving Komodo

A Komodo Liveaboard brings you to one of the most diverse and rich marine environments in Asia, with over 1000 species of fish and 250 species of corals. The North and the South have completely different marine environments. Whereas North Komodo brings you warm, calm waters with shallow reefs that have hundreds of reef fish and colourful corals. The South region, on the other hand, has deep cooler water ocean mounts, pinnacles and walls patrolled by sharks, tuna and other big fish will take your breath away.

Diving Season

You can choose a Komodo liveaboard 365 days a year. But overall between April – June is one of the best times to visit, manta season, a lot of komodo dragons around, green landscapes, not crazy currents and chances to see whale sharks. Another great time to dive Komodo is September – November. During this time you can also see plenty of manta action, Komodo dragons and whales like to appear during this time of the year.

How to get to Komodo

When you decide to go diving on a liveaboard, the best thing is to see where they depart from. Some liveaboards leave from Bali in that case you can get an international flight to Densapar. When the liveaboard departures in Komodo you can get domestic flights to Labuan Bajo or Bima.

Komodo Liveaboards

Panunee liveaboard

PANUNEE; BUCKETLIST MATERIAL FOR SCUBA-LOVERS. Originally built in 2006 as a diving vessel, the MS Panunee was recently refurbished to the latest standards. The aluminium

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Manta Mae liveaboard
Manta Mae

MANTA MAE; UNMATCHED WITHIN THE FLEET. This modern replica of the native spice-trading vessel enables you to experience the fabulous Indonesian culture and nature in

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Calico Jack Liveaboard Indonesia
Calico Jack

CALICO JACK; THE PIRATE THAT WON’T ROB YOUR WALLET. Our pretty 2014 liveaboard was specially built for scuba tourism. The dimensions of this recreational wooden

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Amira Liveaboard Indonesia

AMIRA; ADMIRATION AND RESPECT FOR NATURE’S DELICATE AFFLUENCE. With 52 meters of sheer beauty and elegance, this schooner brings you to the best diving spots

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waow liveaboard indonesia

WATER ADVENTURES OCEAN WIDE (WAOW) INDONESIA; LIVE THE DREAM. Waow liveaboard is the result of a swiss entrepreneur having a dream: building a magnificent diving

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lady denok liveaboard
Lady Denok

LADY DENOK; PARADISE EXISTS IN THE INDONESIAN ARCHIPEL. Built in 2015 this elegant wooden Phinisi schooner has a length of 28 meters. She is equipped

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Adelaar liveaboard sailing around the komodo national park

ADELAAR; A CENTURY OF MARITIME TRADITION AND SERVICE. This fabulous classic of a schooner was originally built in 1902. It witnessed world history while sailing

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Ambai liveaboard

AMBAI; THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME ON OUR LIVEABOARD Our modern (2012) liveaboard is a practical and comfortable vessel built for recreational diving in the

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mermaid 2 liveaboard
Mermaid 2

MERMAID 2; IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE BEAUTY OF THE INDONESIAN WATERS Built in 2000 and recently renovated to modern standards, this steel motor ship with

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mermaid liveaboard
Mermaid 1

MERMAID 1; LIVE TO SEE THE WONDERS OF INDONESIAN AQUATIC FLORA AND FAUNA Built in 1999 and just renovated to the newest standards this steel

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Moana liveaboard Komodo

MOANA; SHORT AND INTENSE DIVING SAFARI IN EMERALD (BIO-) SPHERES If you prefer a personal and intense diving experience, Moana is the perfect liveaboard with

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Damai Indonesia
Damai 2

DAMAI 2; EXPLORING THE RICHNESS OF INDONESIAN SEALIFE AND HOSPITALITY Our beautiful 2011 liveaboard was specially constructed for scuba diving in the Indonesian Archipelago. It

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Damai liveaboard
Damai 1

DAMAI 1; EXPERIENCE INDONESIAN LUXURY AND DISCOVER THE AMAZING SEALIFE Our elegant 2009 liveaboard was specially constructed for the scuba diving. It has a length

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Blue Manta liveaboard
Blue Manta

BLUE MANTA; GREAT DIVING, GREAT FOOD, GREAT SERVICE. This recently built liveaboard has a steel hull with a length of 45- and a beam of

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Dewi Nusantara Liveaboard Indonesia
Dewi Nusantara

  DEWI NUSANTRA; 5-STAR EXPERIENCE OF INDONESIAN AQUATIC LIFE. Dewi Nusantara is one of the most efficient and experienced companies in the liveaboard diving industry

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Pindito liveaboard Indonesia

PINDITO; WE SPECIALIZE IN MAKING YOUR DIVING DREAMS COME TRUE. Pindito enterprise has been operating since 1992. Our know-how in this field of tourism is

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Samambaia liveaboard cruising in indonesia

SAMAMBAIA; SUSTAINABLE DIVING CRUISES IN THE INDONESIAN ARCHIPELAGO. MV Samambaia is a 2 masted wooden Phinisi schooner with a length of 40- and a beam

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Seven Seas liveaboard Indonesia
Seven Seas

THE SEVEN SEAS; FIRST-CLASS ADVENTURE HOLIDAYS IN INDONESIA. MV The Seven Seas is a traditionally built schooner with a length of 45-meter. The iron-wooden hull,

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Raja Manta liveaboard
Raja Manta

RAJA MANTA; COMFORTABLE CRUISING WITH GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY MV Raja Manta is an impressive 37 meters vessel that made her first trip in 2011.

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