5 nights Komodo Itinerary

Departure: Labuan Bajo 10:00
Arrival: Labuan Bajo 10:00


  • Try to arrive at Komodo airport in Labuan Bajo  in the morning at around 9 am
  • After your arrival, you will be picked up by a Moana crew member and transferred to the boat. Alternatively, we will pick you up from you local hotel .
  • Transfer is included and only takes a few minutes
  • The boat departs at 10 am
  • The last dive of the trip will be at around 01.00 pm.
  • Please make sure to wait at least 18 hours before flying after diving.
  • On the last day it arrives in the morning at around 10 am at the harbour
  • Checkout on the last day is around 8-9 am
  • Length: 6 Days / 5 Nights (Approximately 16 dives)

Itinerary Highlights

The Komodo National Park is made up of the Komodo Island as well as many small and medium-sized islands including Rinja, Padar,Tatawa and Sabayor. The water surrounding these islands abounds with marine life. Strong currents surge between the islands on a daily basis. These currents bring with them the rich nutrients vital to this thriving marine eco system.

During the dives you will encounter amazing marine life, large amounts of white tip reef sharks and grey reef sharks. Large shoals of jacks, snapper, surgeon fish, giant trevally and fusiliers.
Large groupers can be seen on most dives and we have lately been encountering some of the biggest Napolean wrasses in years. Diving with manta rays within the Komodo national park is a common occurrence as well as turtles and eagle rays.

The corals here are spectacular and the reefs in many cases can be considered “pristine”. Completely alive with all the usual reef-dwelling creatures. Some sites offer excellent “macro” life, with the possibility of seeing sea horses, frog fish, scorpion leaf fish and a large variety of nudibranchs.

Info About Diving In Komodo

  • Up to 3 guided dives per day are offered and with conditions permitting a self-guided night dive can be taken
  • All of your dives will be guided by the knowledgeable and enthusiastic Divemaster

Water temperature & Wetsuit

  • We recommend a full-length 5mm wetsuit.  A full-length 3mm wetsuit will usually be OK for most Northern sites but for visiting the South a 5mm and hood are required
  • Usually 24-28 Degrees Celcius in the north and 21 to 24 degrees C in the south. Visibility extends from 10 up to 30 metres. Usually clearer in the warmer northern waters

Weather & Sea Conditions

  •  Sea Conditions are usually very favourable. The Archipelago offers great protection from open ocean swells and many safe and calm anchorages
  • Weather is also very favourable for most of the year

Itinerary Description

This itinerary is a sample of what you can expect. The cruise director and captain of Moana liveaboard can change the schedule at any time due to weather conditions, the experience of the divers or unforeseen changes.


Labun Bajo, Flores

Welcome aboard Moana liveaboard, waiting for you in the harbour of Labuan Bajo/Flores. After a refreshing welcome drink, the journey begins at ca. 10 o’clock in the morning. Now it’s time for a short introduction to the facilities of our vessel, the diving operation and the tour program. Check-out dive:  Sabalon or Sebayur.  Sebayur for night dive.

Enjoy your first dinner and night on Moana.

DAY 2 – 3

North Komodo

Small breakfast. Morning dive: Crystal Rock. After second breakfast depart for Castle Rock. The rock is packed with bronze and rust coloured sponges and soft tree corals. You can see black snappers, large cuttlefish, pyramid butterfly fish, and red octopuses. Later in the afternoon we climb the local summit and enjoy a splendid panorama over the moon-shape islands of the Komodo Archipelago and the mainland of Flores. Afternoon dive at Light House in the North of Komodo. Gili Lawa Darat Bay as night dive.


Central Komodo

Morning dive: Tatawa Kecil. 11 o’clock dive: Tatawa Besar. Thousands of fish of every colour and shape are here including regal angelfish, checkerboard wrasse and masked unicorn fish, against a beautiful backdrop of acripora corals, gorgonian fans and sponges. In the afternoon we dive: Moana‘s Manta Point and Siaba Besar as night dive.


Komodo – Rinca

This morning we dive at our favourite spot: Current City (Batu Bolong). While enjoying a wonderful breakfast, we sail towards Rinca, relax and enjoy great views, let our crew pampering you while spotting dolphins, reading or sun bathing. Pulau Tengah (Little Batu Bolong) our new secret hot spot! In the afternoon you are able to enjoy the 1 hour “Dragon walk” to see the last representatives of the Jurassic Park on earth, the infamous Komodo Dragon.


Labuan Bajo

  • You will arrive at the Labuan Bajo harbour at 10 am
  • After breakfast, the transfer to the airport or to your local hotel is waiting for you

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